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  • Shared Learning Experience
  • Publishing Classes
  • Class Creation
  • Promoting Class
  • Compensation for Teachers
  • Building Channels
  • Referral
  • Catalog of Premium Classes
  • Free Classes
  • Networking
  • Learning by Support
  • Offline viewing-Premium Students
  • High-Quality Learning Materials/Courses
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Skillshare is an online learning network created for both learners and educators. The skills are found and learned through task-based classes. The instructors and students’ platform gives users a chance to get to presentations, contents, and courses about different subjects. These subjects incorporate design, business, advertising, innovation, fashion, photography, film, music, cooking, gaming, do-it-yourself works, and much more. Experts who utilize the platform as educators can teach skills by making and distributing a course. Skillshare intends to help individuals shine in their professions, enhance their lives, and keep on doing the things they love and prefer. This online learning network makes sure that users will have access to top-notch learning.

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