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  • Watching Ultra HD 4K content.
  • Watching HDR content.
  • Watching Dolby Vision content.
  • Watching Netflix in virtual reality.
  • Play Netflix roulette if you’re feeling indecisive.
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Netflix is one of the most well-known and well-established streaming services on the internet that allows its users to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and so much more, on multiple internet-connected devices. And we provide it at a rate lower than any other place on the internet along with reliability.

Terms and Conditions

By making a purchase on Shadows Shop website, You automatically agree to the following terms: “I am buying a virtual item and will not send an unauthorized transaction, dispute, claim or anything related. I have received my virtual item, therefore I am not eligible to retrieve my money I sent. I understand that regardless of the methods being completely safe and legal the warranty provided is till the lifetime of the service of the shop and acknowledge that the service may be subject to a stop at any time in case any unforeseen event occurs. In any case, I take full responsibility for the risk associated with my order.”

Refund Policy

We have a zero refund policy. In case of our services to stop due to any unforeseen circumstances, there will be no refunds after an account has been delivered and activated by you. However, we will try to get new replacements asap. If you never received your gift code, you can open support ticket and we will immediately follow back on your request.

By making this purchase you agree that you will not make a chargeback in the event that the account will stop working.

We want you to know that we are always looking for new methods and will always try our level best to replace our old methods with new ones in case of anything with minimum interruption time in between.


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